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BW Hotel Rocca: the restaurant and its tastes


Best Western Hotel Rocca, 4-star in Cassino, proposes to all gourmands the possibility to discover tastes and smells of the San Benedetto’s territory. With the typical tasting of the Ciociaria you can try and taste our culinary tradition.

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A selection of typical products to discover:

  • Campoli Truffle. The territories of this medieval town are rich in limestone and therefore favorable to the formation of truffles: whether it is white, black or scorzone, here truffle is the master of all year!
  • Cannelini Beans from Atina. They have been for a long period the main food of the inhabitants of the area. The old cultivation practices are largely the same.
  • Pecorino di Picinisco. In this ancient highland village, famous thanks to novelist David Hebert Lawrence who lived here for a long time, has been rooted for centuries the production of Pecorino Dop with raw milk from particular sheep: Comisana and Massese.
  • Ham of Guarcino. The area where it is produced is particular: it is characterized by an optimal microclimate for seasoning. Another peculiarity is the use of a typical sugna flavored with Juniper and Chilli pepper used for stuffing Prosciutto.
  • Mozzarella of Bufala di Amaseno. It differs from the other mozzarellas for the composition of the pasta, neither elastic nor buttery. Amaseno's mozzarella is a fruit of twenty years of local workers.
  • Atina DOC Cabernet. Imported in the Comino Valley in 1860, it is a full-bodied wine with ruby red color, characterized by scents of red berry with hints of herbs. Suitable for combination with traditional dishes, first dishes with seasoned condiments, red meats and seasoned cheeses.